"It beckons, it calls, the moons shine upon me, it's the Afterlife where I call home."

Welcome to The Afterlife, where madness meets art, created from the mind of Danetron3030. It is more than just a Discord server or NFT collections with no idea of connection between them. The Afterlife is a hub, a community home where all are encouraged to come together, get to know each and share their love for cool art. It's also a place to collect digital assets to play games, earn great rewards, and trade with fellow Afterlifers. Here you can view all that the growing Afterlife has to offer. Please check out the Realms and stop by often for amazing updates that are to come.

Travel across the Infinite Realms, view each collection and learn about the many worlds across the Fantom, AVAX and Ethereum chains.

Collect amazing pieces of art, including 1 of 1s, Generatives, and Open Editions, then come to Afterlife3030.IO to view your growing Danetron collection.

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The Afterlife is a friendly growing community and we welcome you to join us.