Afterlife Beasts

Deep within the infinite realms of the Afterlife, an ominous Shift is taking place. The crazed Dreadheads have claimed the Great Lord key that unlocks the otherwise lost realm of the Old Kings.
They’ve collected countless sacrifices and ingredients to stir into their Eternal Cauldron of Doom.
Their mission? To resurrect the seven Great Lords and use their power to gain total control Even over the furthest reaches of the Afterlife. But during the night of the Ritual, something other than the lords answered. Something more sinister, more incredibly monstrous and evil. The Beasts have been summoned, crazed deformed beings from unknown realms, plundering their way into the world. Now the Afterlife Beasts are free to ravage the Emptied Life realm with little to no resistance. It’s only a matter of time before they kill everything in sight and bring their carnage to other realms.