Dead Dreamerz

Welcome to the Dream worlds of the Afterlife. This is a 1 of 1 collection of the dark dreams of some of the Afterlifers, inhabitants in the infinite realms of the dead. The Skull Lords here represent our consciousness, becoming a viewer and participant in each of these dreamscapes. Learn more here:

What are the Dream Worlds?

The Dream worlds of the Afterlife are a sort of alternate reality, only entered by the Dream Lords, or Skull Lords as they are also called. The Dream worlds themselves are entire continents, based on existing Realms, however they are much different than their 'real' counterparts. Lots of Dream Worlds are harmless, but the Nightmares are very dangerous to enter, and only the most hardcore and experienced Lords should visit them.

Who are the Skull Lords?

The Skull Lords are powerful beings in the Afterlife. They all possess unique gifts and powers, but one thing most have in common, is knowing how to create portals to enter into the Dream worlds. These portals can be seen from a far distance, floating, and look like bright, glowing Afterlife text. Each lord has their own agenda, be it becoming more powerful, traversing Realms or finding rare treasures inside of Dreams. 

Who are the Nightmare Clergy?

The Nightmare Clergy are a small group of dark Skull Lords who came together to take over some of the greatest Dream and Nightmare worlds. Their goal is to merge these Dream worlds with reality, and reign over the Realms using their obscure powers and infect the other Skull Lords, turning the ones who refuse them into members of the growing red cult.