Hunters of Evil

The quaint town of Wessgrave had long been a beacon of tranquility, but now it was shrouded in a veil of fear and horror. The denizens of the town lived in constant terror, for they were being preyed upon by hideous monstrosities, feasting upon their flesh and blood. The Hunters, an elite cadre of brave and stalwart warriors, were the only ones standing in the way of total annihilation. They were the final line of defence, battling back the forces of evil with ferocious determination and steely resolve.

Yet, even the mighty Hunters could not stave off the encroaching darkness forever. The insidious tendrils of madness crept ever closer, threatening to ensnare their very souls. For how long could they continue to fight against the unyielding tide of horror before they too succumbed to the maddening whispers of infection that lurked in the shadows? Only time would tell, but for now, they fought on, ever vigilant, ever valiant, in a battle that could only end in death... or worse.

A generative collection of 1110 male and female Hunters, located on the FTM and AVAX blockchain.